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Tabularatifying Southern California's KCRW play history

This site allows you to check out the play history from KCRW -- going all the way back to 1992, the earliest data I could scrape from KCRW's site. You have the option of viewing the play history via the many hosts of KCRW, or the artists and songs played over the years. By default, I filter for just the last month so my slow-ass database doesn't take forever to load on your first experience.

The plan is eventually to open access to the database with an API so one could submit arbitrary queries if one was so inclined. But this is a side hobby and for now there's very simple viewing options.

I've done some work to make it look ok on mobile but since I'm showing large tables and plots there's almost no avoiding small fonts that are hard to read on small devices. So if you really want to poke through the site, I'd recommend sticking to desktop.

For updates and/or discussions of interesting observations, read the KCRW-relevant posts on my blog.

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