89.9 (MHz)

Tabularatifying Southern California's KCRW play history

KCRW's 10 most spun artists of the last 30 days

Ranks Artist Plays
1 Bill Withers 33
2 Buscabulla 33
3 Little Dragon 32
4 Caribou 27
5 Tame Impala 27
6 McCoy Tyner 24
7 Wajatta 22
8 Thundercat 16
9 Four Tet 15
10 Mac Miller 15

A fan page using the data available from the playlists on the KCRW website. The songs played are imported into an SQL database and grouped by identified Artist, Song title, and Host; then sorted by time played. On this page, the data is then searchable by those 3 fields. Go to "More Pages" in the navbar to find pages for showing the most recent plays or to search for a the songs that played at a particular point in history. For a little more talk about the site itself, you can visit the About page.

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