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Tabularatifying Southern California's KCRW play history

A fan page using the data available from the DJ playlists on the KCRW website. As hosts upload the playlists from their shows, I get that information and clean 'em' up, group 'em by artist and album (when available), and tabularatify 'em (yes I made up that word) for fun. From this page, search for your favorite artist or song and see how its air plays changed over time and over host (make sure you check the date ranges you're searching through). You can also view the complete reverse-chronlogocial playlist from all KCRW shows from all history -- and also search for a song by the time it was played (helpful if you heard a song and missed the call-out from that show's host. For a little more background about this humble site, you can visit the About page.

KCRW's 10 most spun artists of the last 30 days

Ranks Artist Plays
1 Gabriels 47
2 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs 35
3 Say She She 28
4 Björk 28
5 Santigold 24
6 Automatic 22
7 Bonobo 20
8 Sudan Archives 20
9 Yeah Yeah Yeahs 17
10 Little Dragon 16

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