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Southern California's KCRW play history

A fan page using the data available from the DJ playlists on the KCRW website. As hosts upload the playlists from their shows (or streams on eclectic-24), we read all that information and package it up for easy consumption. We pulled in decades worth of DJ shows, so play around with the date picker and see how song trends changed over time! One other useful function is the raw stream of Airplays (or e24 'Streamplays') that has a little function to search for a time when you heard a song but maybe missed the call-out from the DJ - to help you track down your new favorite song.

If you are enjoying the site or have any suggestions, I'm always happy to hear any feedback! The site is developed and maintained in my/our spare time so hearing from people that use it is a great motivator.

KCRW's 10 most spun artists of the last 30 days

Ranks Artist Plays
1 De La Soul 36
2 Unknown Mortal Orchestra 26
3 Gorillaz 23
4 Depeche Mode 22
5 Benny Sings 21
6 Wayne Shorter 20
7 Kali Uchis 19
8 Yves Tumor 17
9 Channel Tres 17
10 Rahill 17

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