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Song Artist Time Played Host
Kill War Samora Pinderhuges October 01 at 11:55 pm LeRoy Downs
Emil Danenberg Stanley Cowell October 01 at 11:51 pm LeRoy Downs
Inside Game Steve Coleman's Natal Eclipse October 01 at 11:42 pm LeRoy Downs
Dreams Charente Moffett October 01 at 11:37 pm LeRoy Downs
The Warrior's Song Gary Bartz October 01 at 11:31 pm LeRoy Downs
Song for Alan Roy Campbell Pyramid Trio October 01 at 11:19 pm LeRoy Downs
Rebirth Stefon Harris October 01 at 11:11 pm LeRoy Downs
The Creator Has Other Plans For Me (Feat. David Boykin Tenor, Jeff Parker Guitar, Marcus Evans Drums) Nicole Mitchell's Black Earth Ensemble October 01 at 11:00 pm LeRoy Downs
U Nicholas Payton October 01 at 10:57 pm LeRoy Downs
Vanishing Point Skuli Sverrisson and Bill Frisell October 01 at 10:54 pm LeRoy Downs
I Thought I Knew Billy Childs October 01 at 10:47 pm LeRoy Downs
New Jersey Ballad (Feat. Tim Lefebvre, Mark Guilana) Jeff Babko October 01 at 10:45 pm LeRoy Downs
Little A's Chant Pan African People's Arkestra October 01 at 10:35 pm LeRoy Downs
My Thoughts Are My Future - Now and Forever Muhal Richard Abrams October 01 at 10:24 pm LeRoy Downs
17 Richmond Park Lou Blackburn and Freddie Hill October 01 at 10:20 pm LeRoy Downs
Beatrice Adam Rose October 01 at 10:14 pm LeRoy Downs
Tears for Johannesburg (stereo) Max Roach October 01 at 10:04 pm LeRoy Downs
The Discovery McCoy Tyner October 01 at 10:04 pm LeRoy Downs
Hues of Melanin: Ivory Black, the Piano Section Sam Rivers October 01 at 10:00 pm LeRoy Downs
Unreal UNKLE October 01 at 9:56 pm Jason Kramer
Shame (Feat. Elmiene) Dahi October 01 at 9:52 pm Jason Kramer
& Then Some Kenyon Dixon October 01 at 9:48 pm Jason Kramer
Slumber Little Dragon & April + Vista October 01 at 9:45 pm Jason Kramer
Each day gives The Streets October 01 at 9:41 pm Jason Kramer
Atomic City U2 October 01 at 9:38 pm Jason Kramer
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