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Song Artist Time Played Host
Man Of Constant Sorrow Peter Rowan & Rowan Bros. November 05 at 3:48 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
Yini Ma Doda Miriam Makeba November 05 at 3:45 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
No Slo Dub Slowly November 05 at 3:40 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
From The Project Tracie Morris November 05 at 3:37 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
Better Things Massive Attack November 05 at 3:33 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
It Could Happen To You Chet Baker November 05 at 3:30 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
Sex Kills Joni Mitchell November 05 at 3:29 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
John Doe Tribute Haggard November 05 at 3:25 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
About You Erics Trip November 05 at 3:22 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
El Panquelero Santiago De Cuba November 05 at 3:18 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
Upper Room Midnight Voices November 05 at 3:15 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
The Glass Tent Michei Shrieve November 05 at 3:14 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
Da Luna Funk Daniel Lanois November 05 at 3:10 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
Freefall Laurie Anderson November 05 at 3:07 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
Sidiki Baba Maai November 05 at 3:03 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
Eclipse Charles Mingus November 05 at 3:00 pm LIZA RICHARDSON
Triangle Herbie Hancock November 05 at 2:31 pm Tom Schnabel
Traveling Music Ben Sidran November 05 at 2:28 pm Tom Schnabel
Por Si Acaso Issac Delgado November 05 at 2:24 pm Tom Schnabel
The Guide Youssou N'Dour November 05 at 2:21 pm Tom Schnabel
Biko Manu Dibango November 05 at 2:17 pm Tom Schnabel
Qualquer Coisa A Haler Coh O Paridiso Milton Nascimento November 05 at 2:14 pm Tom Schnabel
Tears Of Gratitude United Future Organization November 05 at 2:10 pm Tom Schnabel
Karmakoma/Three Massive Attack November 05 at 2:07 pm Tom Schnabel
Red Beans And Rice Spearhead November 05 at 2:03 pm Tom Schnabel
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