Why 89.9.com

Perhaps I should first reiterate THIS SITE IS NOT RUN BY, NOR IN ANY WAY AFFILIATED WITH, THE ACTUAL KCRW WEBSITE! This page has been done purely out of a love for the KCRW radio station and nerdy curiosity. This site costs me just $10 a month to keep the database running on a server so if for any reason you are insane enough that you're enjoying the page and want to support it, don't worry about me and instead I urge you to become a KCRW sponsor and support their program so that I can continue to listen to their incredible shows and also have some data to pull into this page.

Backstory... During grad school at UCLA, when I'd get home from campus my roommate and I would turn on the radio to KCRW and go through the night coding simulations or writing papers or, sometimes , drinking lots of beer and playing video games. Over time, it became an inescapable mainstay in our apartment. I think the very beginning idea of this site started one night after a few beers when my roommate was bitching about not being able to find the "currently playing" song on the KCRW website. Originally I thought I'd find the backend code on the KCRW website and build a twitter bot that would tweet DMs to him to tell him all currently played songs and be both extremely annoying and also informative. Insodoing, I found I could pull ALL play data from KCRW so I abandoned the twitter-annoy-bot and just began to search through their play history just to see if it could be done. From there it was more or less an academic interest in whether I could turn that data into a website that displayed it.

What is 89.9.com

This site allows you to check out the play history from KCRW -- going all the way back to 1992, the earliest data I could scrape from KCRW's site. You have the option of viewing the play history via the many hosts of KCRW, or the artists and songs played over the years. By default, I filter for just the last year so my database queries don't take forever to load on your first experience.

One long term dream plan is to open access to the database with an API so one could submit arbitrary queries if one was so inclined. But this is a side hobby and for now there's very simple viewing options.

I've done some work to make it look ok on mobile but since I'm showing large tables and plots there's almost no avoiding small fonts that are hard to read on small devices. So if you really want to poke through the site, I'd recommend sticking to desktop.

My roommate Damien helped with a bit of cleaning up of the site after a few years of watching it flounder. He's an ok programmer and you can find him here.

For updates and/or discussions of interesting observations, read the KCRW-relevant posts on my blog.