The DJs of KCRW are what make this whole thing so special. You'll see some overlap between artists and DJs but from each host you'll get a flavor of something new and spectacular. Here you can see how every host ends up with a certain set of favorite songs and artists. So view a host, choose a date range, and see how their interests change over time.

Note: I've done a lot (and with input from my roommate) to try and make the pages load quickly even with the full range of data. But if there are even just a few people browsing the site at the same time I run out of memory from the heroku server. If you try to view a lot of data and get an error, try refreshing a few times and perhaps you'll sneak in a query with a large chunk of server memory.

Order Host Plays
1 Travis Holcombe 7,321
2 Garth Trinidad 5,156
3 Jason Bentley 5,035
4 Anthony Valadez 4,777
5 Anne Litt 4,276
6 Raul Campos 3,862
7 Aaron Byrd 2,736
8 Jason Kramer 2,643
9 Valida 2,602
10 Novena Carmel 2,561
11 Jose Galvan 2,186
12 John Moses 1,812
13 Chris Douridas 1,803
14 Mario Cotto 1,680
15 Henry Rollins 1,615
16 Dan Wilcox 1,560
17 Jeremy Sole 1,400
18 Mathieu Schreyer 1,313
19 Scott Dallavo 1,184
20 LeRoy Downs 1,101
21 Liza Richardson 1,055
22 Eric J. Lawrence 180
23 Novena Carmel, John Moses 50
24 LaRoy Downs 27
25 Bo Leibowitz 22